Someone pulled a fast one!

That’s the only reason I could think of that made the scales go up and up! I mean, come on! I skipped breakfast, went the bathroom beforehand, and tried taking my shoes off as well as my jewelry in hopes that all of a sudden the number would drop at least 50 pounds. Big Macs could not be the cause! Didn’t I just get the small value meal last time? That has to give me brownie points! ….and I will like to cash that in – in the literal form of a brownie, please.

I had a gorgeous baby boy (I’m not just saying that-he really is! Who can resist those chubby cheeks and blue eyes?) in March 2012. I haven’t packed my maternity jeans or shirts 10 months later. Elastic waists are fantastic when a person wants to avoid the weight issue! I weighed 40 lbs less after I had Isaiah than I did before I was pregnant because of the nausea over every smell. But less than 6 months I gained it all back but I avoid the issue quite well with the maternity clothes!

My weight gain is not because of having kids – I have been plus size since I was a teenager-slowly going up and up in size. I work in a hospital and see large – I am talking 400+ pound – people on a continual basis. I knew that if I continued in my fast food and TV lifestyle, I would be there in another 10-15 years. That scale I was talking about? 15 years ago, I was 150 but at least I wasn’t 180. Then I was 180 but at least I wasn’t 200. Then I reached the terrible 200 but at least I wasn’t 220. And now I am at the point that I feel 250…300 whispering. But I am yelling-ENOUGH!

There has to be some sort of reasoning behind that scale attacking me, right? RIGHT?! You mean all the commercials, shows, magazines aren’t right? Even Dr. Oz …a doctor… just told me last week of the “Diet of the Year” – how could he be wrong? All that isn’t for my best interest? They are making money instead of showing me what’s really right? If they are wrong, then…*gulp* that means…ugh, it’s my fault? I have to take responsibility for the numbers? Me, Jamie Groshart, pulled a fast one on myself? What goes in must come out in form of energy spent or it comes out in bulges. Blah. I got ’em. That’s all it amounts to. Just like a lot of lessons learned in my life – it’s usually the simplest message that is the hardest. Eating right and exercising. Who would’ve thought?


4 thoughts on “Someone pulled a fast one!

  1. I was unable to be there Thursday night due to illness, but as one of the Healthy U 2012 class I want to say to you “CONGRATULATIONS!” You are about to start one of the most amazing, wonderful, difficult, life-altering adventures! I can’t wait to see what great things 2013 is going to bring for both of us!

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