And so it begins!


The first time I met with the Healthy U bunch was at my interview. It was the hardest interview of my life, even more than any job! I walked away feeling discouraged with myself. I rambled and made so many rabbit trails – I’m sure I used my hands to talk way more than I should have – I didn’t answer the questions the way I really wanted to – I can go on and on! As soon I got in my car to drive home, I cried and cried. I felt so insecure and doubted myself. Who is to say that this time is really going to be different than any other time you started?

But today was our first meeting for the Healthy U 2013 class. I pushed myself a bit more during the fitness and I surprised myself with some of the results! I faced the scale and measurements and knew that it wasn’t a final answer. There was no shock and awe when others knew my measurements. I met my support team, Leslie – my dietician who already had my daily caloric intake mapped out for me (which isn’t an easy task since I work part time nights!) and my trainer – John from The Body Shop. During the 2013 class reveal two weeks ago, Sarah would announce the trainer and dietician and then the student who would be paired with them. I sat in the back that night and didn’t expect to be called. When John – who is a tall, very, very muscular man took the stage, I immediately thought, “Oh no. If I make this, that guy is going to be my trainer. I won’t get one of the skinny girls.” And sure enough, my name was paired with him. I was scared to death and still am intimidated by him. My first meeting with him is first thing Monday morning. I am able to meet with him at the studio as many times as I want! That is awesome! And of course, the goody bag was a plus – the heart monitor was pretty impressive!

I can’t tell you how supportive everyone is and I feel so incredibly grateful for all the time and effort that my support team is willing to invest in me. There were a million “you are awesome” and “good job” ‘s that were handed out today and you know what? I accepted those compliments 🙂

So today I cried when I got in my car. But it was a good cry of happy tears that this is the beginning. A dream in the making and all this support is offered to me in order to see me succeed. I really am a blessed person! No more waiting for opportunities to happen, no more letting my insecurities get the best of me. As Sarah said, this group will be my second family and I am honored to be a part of their journey and truly grateful that they are apart of mine. Lot of courage and determination will take place in my life this year and beyond. Every Thursday between 7-8pm, I will not be available because I have family time with my second family! 😉

So I trade my flip-flops for tennis shoes and proclaim I will run on! (all 239 pounds, yep there it is!)


4 thoughts on “And so it begins!

  1. Awesome! Love this! And I am SO happy we are going through this together. I remember the interview like it was yesterday, and I think I was the lucky one having seen your face right before my interview. It threw me off in a good way and my nerves were settled. Looking forward to the future with you and our team!!

  2. Jamie, this is your cousin Alivia. I support you 100%!! I know you can do this, and no matter what you are always beautiful, always!

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