Because Every Girl Loves Jewelry!

I have started an incentive for myself! For every 10 pounds I lose, I get to add a new charm to my new bracelet! The first one is to represent starting my journey (I haven’t lost 10 lbs but soon!) I chose a charm that’s says “DREAM”. In just a 6 year time, I have had so many dreams come true. Very long story short – I broke through the chain of depression, ended an abusive marriage, became a successful single mom, became a respiratory therapist after being out of the field for 10 years and overcame poverty. But that’s not all! God then blessed me with a man whose heart is as big as the moon! I think everyone’s life is more rich when they meet him! Then that’s not all! Right after our wedding, we became pregnant and I now am blessed with a 10 month old boy! So this charm represents the dream I am living now – to shed the pounds that accumulated after years of depression and not caring for myself. I have a lot to be thankful for and it’s time to thank myself by giving me the best life to live…and a little jewelry along the way!



5 thoughts on “Because Every Girl Loves Jewelry!

    • Thanks! I am already thinking of what my other charms will be! I’m sure my first 10 lb charm will be soon and want each one to be meaningful!

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