On my way to the 5K!

The scale is a fickle thing! All day today I was telling myself – it doesn’t matter the number on the scale even if I lost alot. I will not put my emotions in a number. I feel fantastic, my clothes are already feeling a tad more loose, and my physically endurance has improved. I am on my way to running the 5K! Tonight, I stepped on that scale and I lost 5.2 pounds! I was so relieved that the scale gave me a loss that equaled how I felt. So relieved that the tears came.
Although I rejoice in that loss, I am going to work on not depending on the numbers. Last week was .8 pounds and I was devastated. This week was 5.2 and I was overjoyed. Realistically, it’s going to be a rough road – lots of courage is going to be needed! There will be highs and lows. Plateaus and mountains – but I will persevere! Thanks to an amazing support team – I am a success!

Another random note!
A key to my success has been meal planning. I have a binder of meals that I want to try (www.skinnykitchen.com is one of my faves!) and I gather a grocery list of everything I need for the week. Most websites will actually organize this for you and you can just print it out. Sunday night I take two hours and cut up all my veggies and fruits in pre-portioned baggies, cook my extra lean beef and freeze it in 1 pound portions to add to quick meals. I make any casseroles and put them in the fridge to just throw in the oven. (Skinny Mac and Cheese with Spinach is our family fave!) Any crockpot meals – I put all veggies and meat in a gallon baggie and put in the fridge, ready to pop in the crockpot! It’s been a trial and error but so far my whole family is pleased with most meals that are placed on their plate. We don’t feel deprived and I look for recipes that I feel will be flavorful. Our dishwasher runs everyday now! Our eating out bill has decreased significantly, helping our budget in the process. I always thought eating healthy would be expensive but that really isn’t the case since we are eating all meals at home – no wasting money at a drive-thru or restaurant. I have been spending the same for groceries as I was before my journey!


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