Why Not?



Wow, what a busy month it has been! Is it over yet? But on a positive note, I reached my 20 lbs lost (21.4 to be exact!) and did my very first 5k as well as smashed through the week 4 of C25K!

I went to Rolla last weekend to visit family and finish up some things at my Dad’s after my stepmom’s passing. I went grocery shopping beforehand and made sure I was going to stay on track throughout the weekend. I did a shout out on facebook about the local gym in Rolla so I could get some info about a day pass. Well, I had two replies that there was going to be two 5Ks that morning! Hey! Why not give it a try?! One was sponsored by my Respiratory Therapy school and the other was a small color run sponsored by the high school for a fundraiser. After being torn between the two, I decided to do the color run! The night before was like Christmas Eve! I was so excited! I missed having my hubby there to support me but I had my sister join in!

That morning is was soooo cold and rainy. We showed up and there were all high schoolers there and a few adults who were aerobic instructors and such. Within about a half hour of waiting, the sun showed up and it was a beautiful day to do a 5K! The race began and all those 16 year olds shot out of there and left me in the dust. Thankfully, the trail was marked well because I couldn’t even see them! Normally, this would make me so discouraged. Here’s the old fat girl trying to do a race. Ha! But soon there was a color station. Those teens were cheering and throwing extra color on me to encourage me! It was great! One even dumped the whole bucket on me! In the middle, the trail turned around so I met every single runner as they came back. Wow. What support! Smiles and positive words were given by each and every person. What a great group of teens!

I pushed myself even further that morning. I ran about half and walked half – completing the 3.1 miles in 45 minutes. I was discouraged at first, knowing that I was in last place and everyone finished in 20 minutes or so. But then I realized that 45 minutes is an incredible time compared to where I was just two months ago! I am ready for the Lub Dub Run!

At yesterday’s meeting, my trainer, the awesome and fun, John Mauphins, gave us (Healthy U 2013 class) a great workout. Basketball, freeze tag (on your butt!), crab and bear walk. All those games you played as a kid. It was awesome and to see all of us support each other made up for all those dreaded gym classes in school! So glad to have him as my support team! And I was so glad to see that I lost 2.8 lbs when I got on the scale especially since he was right beside me!
So with a 2.8 weight loss, I went over my 20lbs lost 🙂 So after a lot of searching, I found the perfect charm. A pretty red strawberry. I knew my stepmom for 25 years and in all that time, she loved strawberries – she decorated her kitchen in that theme for that whole time I knew her. When I see a strawberry – I think of Betty. A strawberry represents virtue, precious moments, and delicate things. Wow. Is that ever fitting. Betty took advantage of every moment – framing her grandkids’ art, always taking pictures, and even looking at a blanket I made her of all her grandkids photos, every morning while drinking her coffee. Folding it differently every day so she could look at one grandchild and rotate to another the next day. My dad would say that she would fold it to Isaiah and say, “Good morning, Isaiah.” and say a prayer for him. The next day she would fold it to Sarah. “Good morning, Sarah.” and then pray for her. (I didn’t know about this until she passed. Brought me to tears and still does as I write this. I feel like I am struggling to express the love she had for her grandkids. I had the blanket draped over her casket and buried with her) What a virtuous woman who took in every moment as precious and delicate.

So the next time you see me, take a look at my new charm. I proudly display my 20 lb lost in memory of Betty. Reminding me to take this blessing of being in Healthy U as a moment that is precious and life-changing.

I love you guys – each and every one of my Healthy U classmates. I see such spark and potential in all of us. I also appreciate every comment and like from my facebook friends. It keeps me going! And I really, really, really can’t do it without an amazing support system! John Mauphins – even when he makes me jump rope, Leslie Hesse who is great about listening to me complain about fiber, my husband – running alongside me in so many different ways, and my kids who have been champs about eating good foods and who are excited about finally having a mom who can keep up with them!




2 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Congratulations on another 10 pounds lost and on completing the 5K! And doing this all while dealing with the stress of losing a loved one. You are to be admired for persevering. Keep focused and you will meet your long term goal!

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