Run On!


I got a new charm tonight to represent my 30lb weight loss! That’s 11.4%! I am only 10lbs away from being under the close! My charm is a running shoe – I went from barely running 30 seconds in January to easily running 10 minutes this week. I was the chubby girl in junior high who used every excuse in the book to get out of running on Fridays (We had to run a mile). I cannot tell you how much I hated it. I even forged my parents’ signature for my excuse notes! Now at the age of 36, I love it. When I feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed – I slide on those running shoes, tie them up, breathe a deep breath as I head out the door and go wherever I want to go. I love the freedom and going against what my mind tells me. Proving that I can do it! I look forward to running the Lub Dub 5k at the end of this month! So on my 3 month fitness evaluation for Healthy U, I went from 9.5 minutes (walking most of it) for a timed half mile to 6.59, running every step! 🙂 I went from 13 sit ups to 58. 13 push ups to 28 (and those were full push ups, not modified!)
I also won my work’s wellness challenge – losing the most percentage-wise in a 3 month time. 🙂 Got some cash in my pocket so I think I am going to get some new running shoes!
Run on, friends!
I will not back down
I will not turn around
I’ll keep running.
I will not lose the fight
I will not grow tired
I will keep running.
And I will run on!


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