Worth my Weight in Gold


I was holding out on writing a new blog post until I reached my 40 lb loss and a new charm. I even was thinking of creative writings on Thursday before weigh-in because I was so confident that I would reach 199.6 or at least below 200. I worked out pretty hard last week and even met with John, my trainer, twice Thursday for two intense work outs. So far, I have always reached every goal that I have made for myself since I started in January (some small – some a little bigger). I have always had a loss on the scale even if it was 0.2 or 4lbs. So when I stepped on the scale Thursday night – I was pretty determined that the number would be successful. Well, it wasn’t. I actually gained a little over a pound. I stepped off that scale FAST!! I had a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts running through my head. And I really did not want to send out my weekly text to my dietician and trainer. But I did and the response was not negative or condemning but encouraging and positive.

I was reminded that in the 5 months that I have been doing this – 20 weeks or so – I have never had a gain. That is an accomplishment! And what is one week in the whole scheme of things? How does one 5 second step on a scale compare to running a 5K this morning? Whatever emotion or thought that was trying to push through my brain when I saw that number wasn’t worth pondering or sorting through. What good would it have done? I choose, and actively choose – to push ahead and not put my whole worth in one single pound. What were the reasons I started this in the first place? To be a number? I have had so many people ask me what my goal number is. I don’t have one nor will I have one. I just choose to push ahead and make small goals in my fitness and weight. My first blog reminded me of why I started this journey and was thankful that I had it to look back on.

So one pound of gain does not tell others or myself that I am a failure or “cheated” this week. I take it as it is – embrace the success that I have made and look ahead towards even more success.

Love all the support and encouragement! Here’s to loving the new me inside and out!


A new dress I bought on sale in February, that was 3 sizes smaller than what I wore at the beginning of this year. It fit!!


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