Here comes the sales!


How refreshing to see the difference in my journey! Looking at myself everyday tends to lessen the impact of how much I really have lost. A pound or two a week adds up to drastic change! I am still pushing and not giving up ~ that is the biggest lesson learned so far. I have and will have “ugly” days where I give in to fattening foods but what matters is that I forgive myself and start again. I have lost, since yesterday on my dietician’s scale, 45.2 lbs since January 10th! I am now 194.4 instead of 239.6. I started in January wearing a size 24 but now I am in a size 16. How great did it feel a few weeks ago to no longer shop in the plus size department! That meant more sales 🙂


And this is my charm for losing 40 lbs! It is a key with a heart on it. I chose it because I hold the key to my success. I definately need support and encouragment but no one can do it for me in the end!

Keep on going, friends! And see you at 50lbs lost!


~ Jamie


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