Two is better than one

Its been 8 months into my awesome journey. Where would I have been without the support of not only so many people – but my #1 fan, my husband, Jason! We gotta have a support system to keep our success going and he has sacrificed and been on board thru every step, every pound, and every new recipe!
So here is my top ten reasons why I love my hubby during this healthy journey!

10. Every Thursday night he gets the kiddos ready for bed while I have my Healthy U meeting
9. Getting up at the crack of dawn to run 5k races and then meeting me at the end to run across the finish line with me
8. Not afraid to lovingly go to Subway to get me lunch even tho I am begging for a Big Mac and large fries!
7. Willing to eat tons of different recipes and always giving me a compliment even if it was horrible!
6. Turkey bacon. My man loves real bacon so when I switched to turkey bacon – I knew he was in it for the long haul!
5. Seeing his smiles when I reach a milestone is all I need to keep going!
4. Balancing our crazy schedule so I can go to my trainer
3. Not only complimenting me, but what makes me smile is to hear him talk to others about how he proud he is of me!
2. Once he knew my starting weight, he didnt even react except in love 🙂
1. No matter what size I am – his thoughts towards me never change. His love is unconditional. Now that’s pretty special!


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