Pushing Through


It’s already been 9 months! I only have 3 more months in this amazing program. I have counted it an honor to represent our community. So many challenges but even more successes have passed in this time frame. I can truly say that I have taken full advantage of the tools given to me and have tried my best at achieving my goals. My goals were small steps – 10 lbs at a time. But here I am 62.6 lbs later and those ‘small’ goals led me to big success!

To keep things in perspective – I invite you to read my first blog post. I hated the numbers on the scale and the thought of running brought back nightmares of junior high gym class. “What are you doing?” … “What diet are you on”… – I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked these 2 questions this year. We all want our health to be fixed with a shake, a pill, or a flush. It took me 36 years to get to 239 lbs. A new diet fad is not going to erase years worth of wasteful eating – and if it did, what is going to stop me from going back to 239 lbs after I am done with that shake? Hard work and changing not only how I eat but more importantly – how I think of myself has brought me to this point. Having a positive attitude and thinking of myself as being worthwhile and valuable has enabled me to WANT to take care of myself. I truly believe that it is essential to treat yourself with kindness. Hard work and seeing results enabled me to know that I CAN do it – every small goal that I set for myself gives me more confidence in who I am. Taking a pill will never do that for me – only self discipline. It’s been hard. Really, really, cry my eyes out because I want a Big Mac, hide under the covers instead of facing my Nikes on the floor, eat all I can eat at a chinese buffet and then feel absolutely miserable and like a failure – kind of hard. But the difference is, the next day. I put a smile on my face, get out of bed to face my new workout, eat my oatmeal and start again. And feel proud that I kept going instead of giving into the guilt of having a bad day.

So if you are wanting and wishing that you could be a part of Healthy U but don’t think you can do it or measure up – do it anyway. Don’t put it off another moment – you deserve the best!

So with that, I close with my before and after numbers. I look forward to even better numbers in January!

Weight 239.6 177.0

Bust 50 44
Chest 43 38
Waist 48.5 37
Hips 55 46

1/2 Mile 0:09:30 0:05:19
3” Sit-ups (in 1 min.) 15 70
Full Push-ups 13 39
Bench Step-ups (in 1 min.) 35 53


3 thoughts on “Pushing Through

  1. Congratulations! So happy for you! I love what you had to say about valueing yourself and realizing that you have worth. That you are worth making changes for and not giving up for. When we learn how essential it is to be kind to ourselves and forgiving, it empowers us with the confidence to know that we are worth more than what we do. It is a gift we give ourselves that flows out to bless all others in our life! Like I said before and I’ll say again, YOU GO GIRL!

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