“You had the po…

“You had the power all along. You just had to learn it yourself.” Glinda from Wizard of Oz

I read this today on Facebook. It spoke volumes to me! I waited so many years thinking just one day my life would change. Longing to overcome odds and be free -thinking that one day it would just happen out of the blue. This rang true in a lot of different areas in my life. My health, depression, employment, finding a husband, staring a family. But in the end – it all took work from me. Hard lessons to learn and fighting for what I wanted when every fiber of my being was screaming otherwise. 

You are not weak. You have the power to change anything in your life. Don’t buy into the victim mentality and make excuses as to why you are who you are. I played victim for most of my life. Blaming everything on other things. It got me nowhere and made me not see all the blessings and value that I had. Don’t wait for you to all of a sudden want to go to the gym. Don’t wait til Monday. Don’t wait til the holidays are over. It doesn’t happen overnight but I promise you it will. All you have to do is take responsibility and start. Focus on your small goals and rejoice in your small successes and you will see BIG results! 

I have the power. There’s nothing special about me. I just stopped wishing for the day I would meet the Wizard of Oz and did something about it. 

Tough news, huh? i hear so many people say they wish they could but…. As Nike says, “Just Do It.” you have to be your biggest supporter – your biggest cheerleader when you run 30 seconds longer than yesterday, when you gave up that slice of cheesecake. If you would only see my face at the gym when I run just a bit more on the treadmill 🙂 I stand proud. I may not be even close to where the person next to me ran, but to me – it was a marathon. Conquering a hang clean…even knowing what it is…that’s a victory. Doing a box jump…that’s a victory. Setting out to run a 5k and doing 5 miles…that made me do a little dance on the front porch when I got home.

One more quote that I say to myself every time I work out, if it’s with every lift or every step –

“It’s uncomfortable but not impossible.” 


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