Do Life Big

It’s been over a year since I started my lifelong journey of health. January was, of course, a start of a new chapter after I “graduated” from Healthy U. Armed with knowledge and an overcoming attitude – I am still focused on not only keeping up with this trend but moving even further past my goals.
Honestly, that first month on my own, back in January, was hard. Harder than any of the 12 months of Healthy U. As a result, I did rebound. It was slow and it crept up on me while I tried to rationalize my excuses for eating that brownie.
I have been irritated at myself since it has been slooooow going the last few months. But I always keep my focus and don’t let a few days of ugly choices keep me down. I originally made my goal for the spring to do a 10k. But with bronchitis and honestly, treadmill boredom and doubts that I really like running or not – made me have to prolong that goal until later. But I will do it. You can count on that. Today, I woke up and went to run the 1st 5k in awhile and the first without my hubby or support. I made a kicking playlist and was determined to run. I am a runner.
It may not be the speed I want and the progress seems to be agonizingly slow – but I am a runner. My daughter asked me today if I won. Oh yeah. I won. I crossed that finish line. But even before the finish line, I started to encourage the other runners who stopped to walk. To see them light up and smile and start that run again – well, that made me continue on too. I may never know their names but it was pretty awesome. They were winners too.
This morning I was revived. The run helped me realize how much I have accomplished and how far I have come. I will not go back to where I used to be. I an running ahead. From a 50 min 5k last April to 36 min 5k a year later – I am an overcomer. The scale does not make me an overcomer. The brownie does not make me an overcomer.
I wasted too much time laying in depression – worrying about what others thought. I choose to do life big and seize every moment. My goal is 10 lbs down by Memorial Day. A good realistic but motivating goal.
1 race down and 4 more to go. I got this because I am a runner.



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