Strong is better than Skinny

The last few weeks have been awesome. I feel great – I have my energy back and really productive. Making good choices in my nutrition and fitness have brought me to even another level of being healthy. But most of all, I feel STRONG from the inside out. The scale should be working in my favor. I am doing everything that I am suppose to do. But it’s not. And you know what? I have learned an important lesson. I do not care. I can continue to lose weight and be focused on the numbers and potentially lose muscle or I can just use the scale as just one tool in my arsenal in being healthy. I would rather be 150 lbs, strong and toned than 130 and saggy and weak. In just two weeks of challenging myself with toning up those “weak” spots – I have not seen the pounds move even with all my effort. But the body fat percentage has been overwhelmingly moving down every day and the inches are moving down in my favor too. I am pulling my jeans up once again – and that is what matters. I am looking better from the inside and the outside. Not to dismiss the weight I have lost or even will lose – I know I will – but to get my body fat % to a healthy number is a good goal as well especially after losing so much weight. My arms and midsection see the effects of years of stretching skin. It may not ever tighten and “look” strong but I know there are muscles in there!
So for those of you trying to take care of yourself, remember – those pounds lost aren’t your only form of knowing what you are doing right. Focus on all the aspects – inches lost, how your clothes feel, hitting your cardio goals and squatting a weight with ease that was challenging a few weeks ago. Because a strong woman feels so much better than a skinny woman.



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