Picture Perfect

It’s Summer – I love being able to do things this year, that I couldn’t do 2 years ago. Riding water slides with Sarah, climbing up the ladder on the boat after tubing, fitting in amusement park rides comfortably, and just keeping up with the kids! With Summer comes more activities and then that means, more photos to capture the moment. I hated my picture taken 90 lbs ago. I would hide behind someone – or even better – volunteer to take the picture for the group. I have photo albums after photo albums without a single picture of me. Long after I am gone, my grandkids and future generations will never know I was there during special moments. All because I was too insecure to show what I looked like. I wish the old me would have thought differently. I would tell her that she was beautiful and to hold her head up high and smile big – to be a part of life.
But I am so glad I learned that lesson. I love being in family photos, capturing others and myself embracing life. Not because I think I look good – but because I want my grandkids and great grandkids to see that I was there. I smiled and laughed. I got out there and enjoyed living.
It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, average, or obese. Your future generations need to know that you were there. That is what makes a picture perfect.



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