Letting go of good friends.

Sigh. They have been there for me since the beginning of my Healthy U journey. They helped me cross the finish line of my first 5k. They quietly reminded me every day to get up and exercise. They were a driving force in my 90 lb weight loss. Miles of running and biking. They were there at every new exercise or new lift – supporting me and helping me conquer a new goal.
Ok. So I am talking about my hot pink Nikes. Call me sentimental, but it’s hard to let go of them. They were my very first pair of running shoes. Those Nikes carried me through a lot of training, 5ks, bicycle rides, strength training, and yes, even Zumba. It’s been 2 years. We had a good, long run. More than most running shoes. But it’s time to say goodbye. My heels ache and my toes blister after an hour workout. I am not as sturdy on my feet when I strength train, and they slip when I plank. So goodbye, old friend. You didn’t have an easy task with my small, super wide feet, but you were faithful. I am hanging you in my closet to remind me of our good times.
So here’s a montage of our good times together. Goodbye, hot pink Nikes. Hello, hot pink New Balance.






A new friend.



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