What a day! Super excited about conquering a 6am 5mile run on a Saturday! I usually don’t workout before 8am so to not only wake up at 530am, get all my gear together, bundle up in the cold, face my fears (yes, it was dark. No I wasn’t alone and had mace and a light 😉) and run 5miles on the trail?! That’s an overcomer, I tell ya! I was irritated with my time at first – a snail’s pace. It will take me a really, really long time to complete a half marathon. But I don’t really care now – that’s not what it’s about. I focus on where I am now and take baby steps.
I have learned something the last 2 years about running. It’s a love/hate relationship. I hate doing it. It’s hard. It isn’t easy for me. Give me burpees or squats any day. But running not only keeps me physically strong – it’s probably what keeps me the strongest, mentally. The thoughts that run through my mind (no pun intended) – would be pretty humorous to hear out loud. It’s constantly having to rebuke those negative thoughts and replace them with overcoming ones. Through all my weight plateaus – running broke through all of those. Running helps me to lift and strength train better. Mentally, I feel like I can conquer anything when I am done – it may just be a mile or 5miles, but I think I am addicted to the runners high! After having sore feet today, I was so glad to pick up my new Brooks in Columbia. Hopeful that they won’t fail me!
I was able to help with the 2015 Healthy U class after our run. Sorry if I smelled! 🙊 What an encouragement to see them excited – if they stay focused, today will forever be the beginning of a life change. I will always have that day etched in my mind. What a whirlwind of emotions! But it was that day that I found support and encouragement. A small part of me thought, “hey, I can really do this” – I walked away from my orientation; feeling a little less insecure, crying a little in gratitude, and with my head up high.




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