Goal Digger

Skipping the scale this week after I almost threw it out the window last week. I refocused on what matters. Not what the scale says. What is important to me is to be strong. I don’t want to be skinny and unhealthy. So I picked up my favorite kind of training – more lifting and more HIIT again this week. Love. A lot. I just love feeling strong.
Went out of my comfort zone today and wore a shirt I bought for $3. Heck, I love a good deal – even if it wasn’t really me. I don’t like my clothes to stand out. But I put my new headband on, my new piggy tails look, the new blingy tank top, and new shoes. I felt strong.
Be a Goal Digger. Dig your heels in and stand your ground….and wear a little bling once in a while 😊

Nice photo bomb 😉

In other news, I received over 12,000 likes and 500 comments after Mandisa shared my Overcomer story! How cool is that?!



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