We all have scars and most tell a story. A time we fell off our bike as a kid, a klutzy move on the playground, or as a mom – a scar showing that I gave birth to my son.
Either way – they all represent who we are today. I have been frustrated lately, like I seem to do every so often, about my saggy tummy, my bat wing arms, love handles – it’s all to be expected after losing such as significant amount of weight. It isn’t pretty, but it’s a part of me. I also have stretch marks from all my past attempts of losing weight.
Yeah, it’s better than it was. I am defining my muscles daily. But I realized something today after listening to Mandisa’s “That’s What Scars are For” – that stomach that hangs over, shows me where I have been and that I am not there anymore. Those arms that wave “hello” while blow drying my hair – remind me that I free. It all tells a story of being an Overcomer.
Ok. So it may be a bit cheesy. But I don’t need a tummy tuck. I wear my stretched out skin as a badge of honor. I am not aiming for a perfect body anyway. That isn’t my goal. I just want to be the best version I can be – and saggy skin had nothing to do with that.
Embrace your body. Treat it with kindness.


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