A couple weeks ago, I had a setback. I have had them before and I can guarantee I will have them again. It’s what we do with the setbacks that make us a success in the long run. This time it lasted a bit longer than usual. 9 days. Yep. I was counting every day as I went. I felt miserable. My consequence? Gaining 5 lbs in the 9 days.
So I shook off the setback and started again with a vengeance. Worked out and ate well. It’s been 9 days later. Guess what? I lost 1 pound after a lot of hard work, discipline, and sweating. Man. It’s so easy to gain those pounds. Wish it was just as easy to lose it!
I realized something today. I probably would have lost a lot more if I didn’t workout or especially strength train. If I only made my nutrition on key. But, they go hand in hand. My nutrition wouldn’t be so good if I didn’t work out. I hate wasting all my hard work on a slice of pizza. After a good, intense, wring-out my shirt after, on the verge of exhaustion, kind of workout – it sets the tone for the day’s nutrition.
Yes, I know I am super sore which causes inflammation, which causes weight gain. I choose to focus on non scale victories – to keep going to live and love this healthy life.
Today, I went to the gym. I was tempted to go to Starbucks instead. Especially when I saw a crowd. Some days, I just don’t do well in crowds and today, I really, really, really wanted to be alone. So I focused on myself – and even when every fiber of me wanted to stop – I PR’d on all my WODs for Festivus.
1000m Rowing and 50 Wall Balls – from 9 mins to 7:58
Front Squats (65#, I think) in 2 mins – from 30 to 35
6 Power Cleans, 6 bar over burpees – (as many as possible in 6 mins) from 30 to 51
The weight will come back off. That’s ok. Losing weight is hard – maintaining is even more difficult…but I am still in the fight. I got a lot of fight left in me.



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