I have said it many times, but I will say it again. Maintaining is hard. 100x harder than it was losing 90 lbs. Losing weight when I saw the numbers go down every week, ran faster every time I trained, lifted more every leg day, saw results weekly, if not daily, to keep me motivated and going. Now, it’s quiet. And it has been quiet for awhile.

The last year and a half – goals have been made. Few have been smashed. I still carry  20 lbs that I was wanting to lose after I graduated Healthy U. I haven’t ran a half marathon. Not even close. My 5k time is the same as when I ran one 2 years ago. 


But I started this journey for me. Not for applause, not to be a professional athlete, not to be a certain body type, not to be a number, not even to run a half marathon. I have walked this path for awhile now. I have come a long way. I may be taking slower steps, but I haven’t turned around to walk the other way. 

Refocus and grace.

Yes. I may not be 20 lbs less than I want to be, but I can still fit into that dress. Sometimes, staying the same isn’t a bad thing. Making this last forever means so much more than losing it for only 12months of my life.

Life happens. But not matter what, we all have a choice. A choice to be content. 




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