My 7 year old daughter, Sarah, struggles in school and development milestones. Most of what she learns takes much longer than most kiddos. It doesn’t come easy…unless it’s swimming 😊 Riding a bike took a lot of work, tears, scrapped knees, and getting back up again. Last Easter, she finally did it. She was so excited that she would be able to bike Katy Trail along side me. But she just didn’t have the endurance or stability to ride more than a short distance. She saved her money – first buying a tablet – then returning it and choosing to buy a bike instead.

Today was the day after another year of practicing. Our family is big on bicycling so she did a lot of practicing! Sarah and I biked 6 miles on the trail today. No music, no app running telling me my pace. Just her in front chatting and singing with me. I cried with pride. A lot. There were a few moments where I could tell it was difficult for her. Her face was red, her feet hurt, we had a long steady hill in front of us, she reached that point where she had to push herself. And after a bit of encouragement – she did it. 

I cried again. Because tomorrow I was supposed to hit a goal doing my first Crossfit competition. I didn’t succeed. I was disappointed in myself and feeling defeated. My 10k training isn’t quite up to where I want it either. Sarah, again, showed me that I can do it. She biked 6 miles – she didn’t care how long it took her or how fast she pedaled. She was just proud of herself for completing it. At one point, she said – ” Mom, I can do this – I’m not freaking out because Jesus gives me peace” ❤️ 

It took her over 2 years to learn to ride a bike. It took her another year to build endurance to bike a long distance.

A voice of a child turning her “I can’t” into “I can” when it was at its toughest. That broke through my defeat. That shattered my disappointment in myself. 

10k next week. I don’t care if i am last. I don’t care if they are packing up and leaving. I’m completing that hilly 10k race next Saturday. And I won’t freak out – because Jesus will give me peace! 😊




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