Sorry if my friends have said this to me, but I cannot stand this saying. I know running isn’t for everyone – and that is perfectly ok. But really? How is that encouraging someone? 

I did and do have something chasing me. It’s obesity, depression, insecurities, and a new enemy – early onset of osteoarthritis. If I don’t run after a couple days, it catches me. My joints ache, swell, and I find it hard to move. But running, it keeps me way ahead of the race. Standing still is the worst thing I could do to myself mentally, spiritually, and especially physically now.

So with that thought, I have offically begun my half marathon training this week. While Sarah was in swim practice, I headed to the track right next door. Today, just run a comfortable 3 miles. Sometimes we have to be creative in how we get our workouts in. I will have to make the big jump to get up at 6am to run this summer. 😁 that’s a challenge. A big challenge. 

I hope to check in every week and send an update on how my training is going. Tomorrow? Another 3miles. 

Half marathon in September. Because a goal is only a wish when it doesn’t have a plan!



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