Faced the treadmill again last week. Did a few days outside. Took a break and did a long bike ride one day instead of a 3 mile run – in order to spend time with the family. That’s one reason why I like the training. It’s not super rigid. All that matters is that I get my miles in. It doesn’t matter how fast I am (thankfully!) and if I am exact and on point with the mileage on certain days. As long as I do it and get it in.

It’s getting hotter. It’s getting muggy. Now is when I have get out of the bed and run early. Which is tough since summer brings fun late nights and snuggles in the bed with the kids until 8am.

But my consequence for not getting up this morning even though my eyes were opened at 7am? I have to run the treadmill today. Eh, guess I will learn tomorrow morning!

I calculated something yesterday. When I began my journey to being strong and healthy 2 years ago, I couldn’t run 10 seconds. I am now training to run 10,800 seconds. Wow.



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