It’s a journey. There’s never a finish line when you are aiming to be healthy – both physically and emotionally. I have tools and knowledge now – but it still isn’t easy and I have to fight. I stumble…a lot. At times, I get irritated and throw all my “tools” to the wasteside – sit on the couch and eat the whole bag of chips with some ice cream…making myself feel absolutely miserable. That only spins into negative thinking, insecurities, and sadness…which then makes me eat more. See the vicious cycle? Unlike drugs and alcohol, we still have to eat to survive. We still have to be around the addiction daily. We cannot remove ourselves from our ‘drug of choice.’ 

Yep. My name is Jamie and I am an overeater.

But by God’s power within me, I am still an overcomer.

Here’s the deal, we all have it within ourselves to defeat obesity. I don’t have any more motivation than you. You don’t have any more motivation than me. We can do this. You know what makes us a success? Not the next diet fad. It’s that even though I have those days…weeks…of eating every candy bar and cupcake I can find while making excuses  – I shrug off the heaviness and get back at it – choosing to FORGIVE myself and love myself. Even if I have to take one day…one moment…at a time. 

I am not where I want to be. But I have come a long way. I have been losing and gaining the same 10 lbs for a year and a half. I could just throw in the towel, forget it all, and sit waiting for the weight to creep up more. Or I can give myself grace and keep at it. 

After almost 3 weeks, yikes!, of not working out because I was tired of not hitting any goals, falling short of where I wanted to be – I got up on a rainy, dreary Monday morning. I told myself, that even if I only walked 30 minutes, it was better than doing nothing. I did an hour of cardio and I quickly remembered why it’s vital for me to exercise. My spirit, mind, and body felt refreshed. 

Go for it…again. Have you gained back what you have lost? Well, do it again. You know you have it in you. 

…oh and that half marathon is still going to happen.


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