The moment I have been waiting for for 2 1/2 years – completing my first half marathon. 

I registered in April. My race is Sunday at 7am. I wish I could say I stuck with my training and smashed it. Nope. Honestly, I haven’t ran much in the last month. I did switch to mornings instead of evenings which is a big step for my body. 

Here’s my wish list for all 13.1 miles-

1. Please God. PLEASE don’t put another runner in front of me that farts when they run. 

2. I don’t puke. 

3. Or poop my pants. I have heard too many horror stories. 

4. May my music be continuous and my phone battery have a long life.

5. May the streets be flat.

6. My bladder. I will get just the right amount of intake to not pee my pants. Or feel like I have to pee right at the starting line.

7. I will keep all my toenails.  

8. That I may have a little fun? Maybe?! 

Realistically – 

1. I will walk like a penguin on Monday. And sitting on the toilet is going to be a nightmare. 

2. Chaffing will happen

3. Blisters 

4. Some of my wish list may not happen. Dear Lord, hear my plea that number 3 will not happen. 


5. I will have completed a dream.

6. I am strong. 

7. I may just sleep with my big shiny medal. Or wear it for a week.  My very first one! 

8. The finish line. Enough said. 



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