…and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (because I have 2 cats. They earn their keep.). The shoes were all laced and place by the door, in hopes that my Brooks can run a few more. 

The kids and the hubby all gone for the night, ‘cuz this girl has got to get up before light. (4am to be exact)

The chargers are charging, and my Garmin will shine – by my gym bag it lays saying,  “it will be fine.”

“You done a 5k, your 10k was good, just remember right now, you can have some great food! Pizza or pancakes – whatever you wish, you must get some carbs – pile it high on your dish!” 

I have packed my bag, laid out my clothes, did a bit of yoga and touched my toes. Soaked in the bath, set my alarm 10 times, ‘cuz remember Seinfeld?

… The guy didn’t make it on time. 

Mandisa and Toby will sing with me there – in my headphones too loud, for many to hear. For King and Country, “It’s Not Over Yet” – then Britt Nicole will sing and my pace will be set. ” The Fight Song” won’t come a moment too soon, then “Overcomer” will blast  – I may just Zumba that tune. 

It will be better than Christmas crossing that line, getting that big medal – it will all be mine. 13.1 miles to run – all the way it will show just how much I have overcome. So I give every step to my Maker and King, who has shown me thru Him, I can do anything. 



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