I didn’t really start living life until I was in my 30’s. As many of you know, depression froze me to my bedroom when I was in my teens and 20’s. 

I feel like I am catching up on lost time though! I have accomplished goals the last few years that I never would even imagine. Losing 100lbs, running a half marathon, traveling to Yellowstone and Seattle, married and having a family, working as a respiratory therapist again, beginning to lead worship again, meeting my mentors in music (Jesus Culture), being active and just doing so much living, and this week – making the step to hear. After 38 years of being deaf in my left ear, I am able to have a BAHA cochlear implant to regain hearing. The process will be complete in December when my abutment heals and I will have the device turned on. Just thinking of what I will hear brings tears to my eyes. 

Man, I am blessed. 

1 day postop with cover over the screw


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