Today was the day. Weigh-in, measurements, photos. My husband and I do well competing against each other (and supporting each other too!). It was big part of my success in Healthy U and losing 100lbs. 

I put new batteries in my scale and dusted off the dirt. The verdict wasn’t pretty but I am proud that I faced the truth and treated myself with grace and with an attitude of an Overcomer. 

Winner gets 2 days to themselves to do whatever they want. Yeah, I’m super excited to win this one! 


A 40 lb weight gain since the end of Healthy U. What’s really irritating is 30 POUNDS was since September after my half marathon. Yes, that’s 30lbs in 3 months. 

Jason’s stats  

Jamie’s stats

Meals planned, gym schedule up, fitness pal updated. Got this in the bag! 🙂 

Always overcoming,




6 thoughts on “Facing the truth 

  1. woohoo!! meal prep is key for me (: wishing you the best and looking forward to hearing how the journey goes. great work on starting !!

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