I love the fresh start of January. One week in and loved meeting my goals every day. January means crowded gyms. I’m an introvert at heart – I love my workouts by myself, but also have learned that I need group classes as well. I was brave and did 3 different (crowded) classes last week along with my 2 days of working out alone. 

You know what? It was great. It was great seeing old friends, meeting new faces, and let’s face it – not being the only one who went right instead of left during Zumba, had to learn the Bear Complex, or had to rest just a few seconds during Pump. I was met with encouragement and smiles – no judgments of my time away the last few months. No looks as I entered the gym carrying more pounds than I left with in the Fall. While I was checking in at the gyms I go to, I thought for sure the computer system would raise red flags and sound an alarm warning people of my absence. Ha! I have learned to love the crowded gyms in January even when I can’t find a free treadmill or have to wait to use the squat bar. Because I know what it’s like walking in feeling defeated. I remember walking in not knowing how to turn on the treadmill, thinking everyone was looking at me – laughing at my feeble attempt to get healthy. But you know what? I have no evidence supporting that claim. No one has ever laughed at me. Even when I fell off the treadmill at the beginning trying to run. I feel connected to all the “resolution” members. 3 years ago, I was one of them and I was…and am a success after a lot of hard work. 

This week another Healthy U class graduated. They were amazing and I loved seeing their lives transformed as the year progressed. This year was the first year I wasn’t directly involved on stage. I helped out where I was needed. Most people there that night didn’t even know I was a past Healthy U winner losing 86lbs and 36% in 2013 (100lbs altogether). My limelight has long ended. It was bittersweet for a moment. But I am in the limelight of future Healthy U classes. I want to be the one that shows them that it’s not over after their year. This healthy journey takes a lifetime with no graduation. 

Today marks my 2 year anniversary from graduating Healthy U. I loved seeing the encouraging posts for friends 2 years ago and all the photos from that night. It was the best! I may not be where I was that night, but I maintained it for close to 2 years until 3 months ago.  Setbacks happen. I’m not starting over but picking up where I left off. Also, after one week – I’m sore but happy with myself. And 5lbs lighter.

Overcomer? Yes. Yes I am. And just in case you didn’t know it, you are too. There’s nothing special about me that isn’t any different than you! 



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