This journey never ends. I have been in a rut the last year of comparing and being discouraged. I wear my yoga pants not to work out – but because they are comfortable…and you never know if I was at the gym or not 😉 

Overcomer is still my ring tone on my phone. I see my half marathon photo every day in my bedroom. I’m reminded every day of what I can accomplish and have accomplished. In fact, I had those yoga pants on this morning as I took Isaiah to school. Overcomer blared on the radio. Ok. I could drive my car back home and fold 7 loads of laundry. Or I could face my fear and go to the gym again. Just ask my hubby, I will do anything to find an excuse not to do laundry!

I parked far away to muster up the courage to go in. I hold my breath as I scan my membership card – hoping no red lights and alarms will flash. 

My locally-owned gyms have been more than a gym to me. They both have become friends and interested in my journey. So much, in fact, that a couple years ago – I was rewarded a lifetime membership to Brian’s Gym. I haven’t been taking advantage of that amazing blessing this year. 

I didn’t set off alarms today. My membership wasn’t revoked. In fact, I was met with many smiles, “how are you”, “what’s your new goal?”, and I even got a good size bag of powdered peanut butter from the owner. 

Why do I compare myself to others? It only spirals into depression and self pity. Why do I think others will look down at me for gaining weight? 

I started this journey for myself. I let go of the pressure of trying to “be enough” for others and start again to show myself that I am enough. For myself. For God. 

“You got the heart of a champion

Don’t you know you can do anything?

Your greatest strength will be found within

‘Cause I, I will be there always to cheer you on

You can make it, take it, keep moving on

There is nothing you can’t overcome

It ain’t over yet”

Cheer You On – Jordan Feliz


One thought on “Laundry and Yoga Pants

  1. hang in there, it’s hard. i’m having my own set of struggles too. unfortunately, it something were gonna have to deal with daily. just remember you can do it!! there are a lot of us who have faith in you and i’m proud of who you are, who you were and who you will be…

    love always, pennie

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