Being brave isn’t beginning. It’s beginning again. Moving past the fears of failing, pushing thorugh the sense of falling short, getting courage to press through because you know how hard it really is. 

My goal? To be healthy again. Weight loss – to see 180’s again and eventually to my post Healthy U number of 154. 

What’s a bit intimidating? That there’s no end. There’s no finish line. Just a series of wins….and let’s face it, losses. It’s a fight. The fight to be healthy both inside and out will be with me a lifetime. I’m not training for a marathon that will end next year. I’m not trying to beat a certain number on the scale. I’m in a fight to live life and for me – dragging my butt to the gym every day or eating a salad when I really want that Big Mac is what keeps depression in the back seat. Silly, huh? Small decisions bringing big results of freedom. But I guess that’s with any addiction. Choosing to stay home instead of going out to party for an alcoholic. But for me, it’s choosing to leave my house instead of burying my head under the covers.

Brave. Courageous.  I’m not Superwoman, but God make my impossible – possible. 


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