Vacation Bible School. A week of craziness while investing in the next generation. I was asked to be a part of a skit this week. I was “Sally the Runner” – I was determined, committed, and focused to finish running. My running friends pooped out on me – I still ran. My napping friends tried to make me stop – I continued on. My pizza friends tempted me with the cheesy goodness – but I stayed focused, kept my eyes ahead, and kept running. (My pizza “friends” were a bit too realistic! Ha!) 

At the end, Sally shows the kids that she stays committed because of her relationship with Christ -because  He gives her the strength. 


Have you ever heard the line, “Fake it until you make it?” I felt like a phony up there being “Sally.” But I know I have it in me. I have been Sally and I am a fighter. An Overcomer. That brief moment of faking it awoke that “Sally” attitude within me. 

I don’t care what the scale says. I don’t care that my clothes don’t fit. I could care less that people can tell that I have physically changed and have gained weight. It has been a battle to not care about those things. Let’s be honest, ok…I really do care. I care way too much.  But I care even more about how my choices have made me feel – who I have become.  I’m tired of being miserable with myself because of my decision to give up being healthy. I have had enough of feeling sorry for myself while eating McDonald’s or finding happiness in my next high calorie binge…thinking I will get back on it next week or after the weekend – only to keep going in the vicious cycle. 

That’s the reason why I begin once again. I don’t look back. I own up to my mistakes and my failures. God’s power has been within me all along – and I may have to dig it up again, but I bet I won’t have to look too far. 

 I am determined, I am committed, I am focused. 


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