5am. Stepped on the scale after 2 weeks of great nutrition and hard work. 

EXACT same weight. 

Humph. Sigh. Moan. Groan. 

I wanted to whine and throw a tantrum like my 4 year old son when he doesn’t get to watch “The Lego Movie” for the 156th time. 

No. Stop it. Stop.it. 

I’m not a newbie. I’m seasoned in how this healthy journey survives and lasts a lifetime. Putting validation in a number or a small box that I step on, is a sure fire way to stop true, lasting success, right in its tracks. 

How was I feeling before the scale?


The scale will eventually show the awesomeness. But for now, I learned that I still struggle with my emotions when the scale doesn’t respond how I want it to. The number not being where I think it should be, spins me into a “this doesn’t work for me, something is wrong so I should eat everything in the pantry because it doesn’t matter anyway” kind of whirlwind. I don’t want to jeopardize my journey for a few seconds of curiosity. 

I can try to think of a million usual reasons why the number didn’t move. Muscle, inflammation, hormones, cheat meal on Sunday, etc. But I won’t. Why? Because that gives the number on the scale more power. I choose to move forward….marching forward, being faithful, and doing exactly what I know I need to do in order to be a better wife, mother, leader, and friend. 


One thought on “Curiosity Killed the Cat (it didn't kill me!)

  1. Love it. Health and fitness can come in easy steps. Not just going crazy and paying tons of money to join gyms and get fancy gear. I love your emphasis on how easy it can be to take simple steps.

    I think you’d find my new blog has very similar posts. I encourage you to check it out! Like. Subscribe. Whatever. We are all in the fitness blogging game for the same thing. To spread healthy lifestyle as far and wide as we can. I am trying to build my network one comment at a time!



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