Intellectually Awesome

It’s been awhile and this post won’t be Fitness-related, but it’s easier to get the word out through this medium. 

It’s been a struggle the last 4 years searching for ways to help Sarah learn and grow in her education. The smallest achievements are rewarded and I feel so proud of her. She works hard in school, in afterschool tutoring, and at home for even the tiniest improvement. I cry for her…a lot. But I also smile for her even more. Every IEP meeting has to have tissues ready for me. My momma heart longs for her success and growth. Let’s be honest, I get frustrated with her at times. Probably more than I should, because I don’t understand sometimes.

She’s been in different therapies and schools. She’s been tested for different conditions. It’s been hard to accept and I have had her tested for different things, just to make sure – but this week, I am relieved to know that we can ease up on spending our financial resources and time on searching for answers. 

Sarah doesn’t have dyslexia like I thought. Sarah has a lower IQ than most at 68-72. Some areas as low as 40 – but most tests fell right within the 70 range. Children’s Mercy diagnosed her as “intellectually disabled.” That’s the politically correct phrase for mentally challenged. 

I’m still gathering my thoughts and researching what programs are available to her now. But in the end, I’m so glad I know for sure and can press on for her to have a healthy, happy, fulfilling life. 

Children’s Mercy said that she will even have difficulty living independently. College will probably not be an option, and in a couple years – she should learn a life skill to prepare for the workforce instead of focusing so much on academics in school. 

Eh. I know Sarah. I know her determination. I know her heart. I also know what big dreams she has for herself. She will live on her own. She will continue her education – even if it’s not at a pace as everyone else. She will be a teacher in some fashion. Maybe not in a traditional setting, but she will teach. God put that desire in her heart and she will be the best. 

What other 9 year old asks for a teacher’s desk and school supplies for Christmas? 

In the end, after sitting behind a 2 way mirror during all that IQ testing – I know even more than before, that Sarah is an overcomer. Even though it was hard, I can tell it was so hard for her, she was discouraged, she knew she didn’t have the right answers – she smiled and pushed through until the very end. 

That’s her spirit. That means the world to me. 


One thought on “Intellectually Awesome

  1. Praise the Lord for no dyslexia! She is an overcomer and will have a blessed future! We can do ALL things through Christ, and she can become a teacher in a capacity the He already has a plan for!

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