It was 4 years ago that I began my journey to be healthy and strong through Healthy U. I became a better version of me from the inside out that year. 

Overall, I lost 100lbs but gained confidence, strength, and resilience. Becoming a runner, weight lifter, Zumba lover – wasn’t the hardest part.  It was all the small choices and daily struggles that were the hard. The mundane choice to watch my portions, make sure I’m getting the proper nutrition, and not eating because of emotional reasons. 

4 years later, I still carry strength and courage. I am an overcomer – until I try to button my jeans. 🙂 

Weight gain happened slowly and more quickly this last year. Half of the weight has crept up. It didn’t come out of nowhere. It is because of emotionally eating and not getting up and moving. 

I love Facebook at times. Especially the ability to look back this time of year. I literally have encouraged myself by reading all my posts 4 years ago. That girl didn’t even know she would lose 100lbs yet – in fact, she didn’t lose any weight the first 2 weeks but kept plugging  along.

Small, attainable goals. Realizing that every decision- every choice, matters. 

One week down beginning again. I’m sore from BodyPump and cardio.  I’m hungry….no, not really. I just want to fill the cravings. It feels like I am starting all over again. But I’m not. I don’t look at how far I have to go, but have far I have come. 


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