I have lost my way the last year or so. I try to get back on track but I keep losing my focus. So I did the most uncomfortable thing this week. I sent in reinforcements. Friends and family…and my husband. I can’t do this alone. I have gained 50 lbs last year after maintaining and losing 100. It’s all because I slowly ate and became relaxed. Guilt and shame crept in. So I ate some more. Depression became a little too familiar. 

What am I doing? 

I hold the key to change. I can unlock the door to my success at any time. 

I know what to do to be successful. I have been blessed with many, many tools to help guide me. So what’s a girl to do with such great accountability? 

A half marathon.

I take a big anxious breath just typing it. 13.1 miles. Again. I said I would never run another one – EVER. But that feeling was amazing. I was healthy, strong, an overcomer. I still have it in me. I just have to work to bring her out again. 

Time doesn’t mean anything to me. I will train, I will push past my guilt. I will run with the strength and determination that I know I have within me. I may finish in 4 hours, the fruit smoothies will all be gone, and the crowds already left – but I’m not doing it for anyone except me. And one important face will be there smiling for me – my best friend and husband. Because I will be running it on our 6th anniversary! 

Cheers to new starts, new goals, and forgiveness! 


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