This summer has been a summer of new beginnings. I made positive changes for my health – inside and out – by doing what I know works best. Eating foods that contribute to my physical and emotional well- being, working out, and strength training.
I pulled the "strength" to the surface. I didn't proclaim my new changes on social media. It's been over 2 months now.
I have lost over 10 lbs, but I have gained a whole lot more. It was frustrating at the beginning. I knew what my body was capable of doing a couple of years ago. I knew what weight I could leg press or squat…and I wasn't anywhere near that without my body screaming "NO!" (in the form of losing my breakfast!) I would walk away from some workouts – feeling defeated because I didn't lift my max, instead of encouraging myself that I did my best!
The last few months, I have learned an important lesson – listen to my body. I'm still not where I was (and I may not – it may look totally different this time), but I saw today that my endurance had increased and I still am determined to challenge
myself to be a "better" me.
Try again.
Try, try again. It really is a long journey of constant lessons and reminders. But you are worth it.


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