New beginnings

This summer has been a summer of new beginnings. I made positive changes for my health - inside and out - by doing what I know works best. Eating foods that contribute to my physical and emotional well- being, working out, and strength training. I pulled the "strength" to the surface. I didn't proclaim my…Read more New beginnings


Family dynamics

I have been a bit introspective the last few months. I have gained weight this past year.  It's noticeable to others and I'm settling back into my unhealthy habits - enjoying food and using it to control me. Now that I have gained weight, my husband still loves me. He still finds me just as…Read more Family dynamics

Curiosity Killed the Cat (it didn’t kill me!)

 5am. Stepped on the scale after 2 weeks of great nutrition and hard work.  EXACT same weight.  Humph. Sigh. Moan. Groan.  I wanted to whine and throw a tantrum like my 4 year old son when he doesn't get to watch "The Lego Movie" for the 156th time.  No. Stop it.  I'm not a…Read more Curiosity Killed the Cat (it didn’t kill me!)