Fake it until you make it

Vacation Bible School. A week of craziness while investing in the next generation. I was asked to be a part of a skit this week. I was "Sally the Runner" - I was determined, committed, and focused to finish running. My running friends pooped out on me - I still ran. My napping friends tried…Read more Fake it until you make it


Week 4 – 13.1

Faced the treadmill again last week. Did a few days outside. Took a break and did a long bike ride one day instead of a 3 mile run - in order to spend time with the family. That's one reason why I like the training. It's not super rigid. All that matters is that I…Read more Week 4 – 13.1

Week 3 – 13.1

I felt like I could conquer any run that was handed to me this week. Improved my pace to under 12min - inching closer to 11min pace. I ventured out on the road, instead of my usual trail running. Rain didn't stop me (which I actually enjoy) and even incorporated some hills into my 3…Read more Week 3 – 13.1